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Ancestral Travel

Are you interested in visiting the place of your ancestors?

Do you wish to pass on your family heritage to your children and grandchildren in the most memorable way?

Let us, Eva’s Best Luxury Travel, create a customized and personalized magical and emotional personal journey for you and your family to explore your family roots anywhere in the world. You’ve heard the family stories, have visited or want to explore your ancestry with a professional genealogist. Let us handle every detail of your “trip of a lifetime” and save you a lot of money, time and stress. We work with amazing knowledgeable and expert travel partners in every part of the world who will get you into the towns and cities or your ancestors and meet the historians and locals, see the old house, streets, stores, churches and synagogues and retrace the lives of your ancestors by living it through travel.

This is the best gift you can give yourself and loved ones – your family heritage and legacy on a trip you share together. This will be the most lasting of lasting memories! We work with professional video and photo editors who will take your memories of this amazing trip and create a lasting photo album and/or DVD for you and generations to come.

Our clients share their ancestral travel experience:


Seth and Christian N.:

My brother and I got the idea one day to travel to Europe and explore our lineage and find out where our ancestors were from. After a couple of years of talking about it we finally made it a reality through Eva’s Best Travel.

Eva was extraordinarily easy to work with and knew and understood just what kind of experience we were looking for. In Ireland we traveled to the town our great grandfather (on our mother’s side) immigrated from in Kiltimagh, County Mayo. None of our direct family is left there but we were able to find the town historian who was kind enough to go through records with us and shine light on everything he could regarding our family when they had lived there.

After that we chose a few select areas in Europe we wanted to see. We visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Hamburg before arriving In Sweden to meet with our relatives in person for the first time.

They were extremely welcoming and showed us all over their beautiful town near the water. We had an excellent feast and phenomenal time learning about them and about our family that had passed. After Sweden, my brother and I proceeded to Staubo, Norway. This was the town our great grandfather (on our father’s side) immigrated to Bridgeport, Connecticut from in 1904. There we met a very kind couple who knew the ins and outs of the town and actually showed us the house our great grandfather lived in along with the rest of the town.

It was an extraordinary experience to be able to walk on the same ground our ancestors walked on and to be able to connect with family. Eva’s Best Travel And Cruises was a huge part in making this possible and we are looking forward to working with Eva again on our next adventure!




There is simply no substitute for our expert advice in Ancestry Travel and passion for excellence. We ensure you the most wonderful “once in a lifetime” Ancestral Trip, tailored to meet all of your needs and desires. Please contact us today!